Board Development

Is your board thriving?

Despite the good intentions of all involved, nonprofit boards of directors are often described as under-utilized, under-maintained, and hence under-performing. 

Bill Musick has worked with the chief executives and boards of non-profits to build levels of engagement and true leadership in key areas of governance. He has led focused efforts on forging tighter linkages between CEO’s and their boards and on improving the effectiveness of boards in their governance responsibilities.

Mr. Musick finds that a board self-assessment is often an excellent first step in creating momentum for change.  He has facilitated board assessments using standardized tools as well as custom-developed surveys.  The assessment process is completed with a retreat where the board develops an action plan to address the highest priorities that result from the assessment process.  Such retreats often include training in areas that seem appropriate for the specific needs of the organization such as team building, basic board responsibilities, best practices in structure and committees, etc.

Had an energizing retreat only to see little or no follow-up? That happens all too often.  To keep momentum for change alive and forefront, THR provides ongoing coaching support with the chief executive and key board members to support the discipline of regular progress review and to offer advice on overcoming barriers to moving forward with board action plans.

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