Strategic positioning for nonprofits helps hospice care centers. Image by Chad Baker/Photodisc Red/Getty Images.

Strategic Positioning

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  • Networked Relationships for Home Health Providers: A Business Imperative, LeadingAge Annual Conference - October 2013 
  • Future Directions: Evaluating and Executing a Palliative Care Strategy, National Association for Home Care and Hospice Financial Management Conference, Washington, DC - July 2013

    Words of Wisdom

    "'Strategy' is a word that gets used in so many ways with so many meanings that" it can end up being meaningless. Often executives will confuse strategy with aspiration. For example, an organization that proclaims its strategy is to become a technological leader or to consolidate the industry has not described a strategy, but a goal. "Strategy has to do with what will make you unique," Porter noted. Companies also make the mistake of confusing strategy with an action, such as a merger or outsourcing. "Is that a strategy? No. It doesn't tell what unique position you will occupy."

    Michael Porter Asks, and Answers: Why Do Good Managers Set Bad Strategies?